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This unit is part of the BA (Hons) Theology and Mission programme. This is a 10 credit unit. Teaching will take place in semester 1.


Students will have needed to successfully progress from level 4 of the BA Theology and Mission programme.

Course Staff

Dr Ed Mackenzie

Ed Mackenzie

Ed is Programme Lead for BA Theology and Mission.

Profile of Gareth CrispinGareth Crispin

Gareth is Programme Lead for the BA Mission and Ministry programme and a lecturer in Evangelism, Mission and Ministry. His research interests are in family ministry and intergenerational church and he has published in both areas at an academic and popular level. He co-presents the monthly podcast Together with God – a series of conversations on faith, family and today’s Church. He also has an interest in youth apologetics, training and lecturing on the subject around the country as well as being co-producer of Out of the Question, a series of apologetics animations for young people.

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Course Information
Course Instructors
  • Dr Ed Mackenzie profile image
    Dr Ed Mackenzie BA Theology & Ministry programme lead, Lecturer in Biblical Theology and Mission
  • Dr Gareth Crispin profile image
    Dr Gareth Crispin BA Mission & Ministry Programme Lead, Lecturer in Evangelism, Mission and Ministry