Creative Bible Reading

About This Course

Creative Bible Reading, led by Rev Dr Mike Parsons, is a six session online course designed to help students examine different ways of reading and engaging with the Bible, and explore how the Bible fits into their spiritual lives. The course draws on his book 'How to Read the Bible: ... so that it makes a difference' (BRF, 2020). What does it mean to be a Bible reading disciple of Jesus? An ideal introduction to Bible reading, as well as a challenging refresher.
    1. Introduction
    2. Linear Model
    3. Martin Luther’s Method
    4. What’s the Big Idea?
    5. Triangular Model
    6. Ignatian Bible Reading
    7. Sorting through the characters
When you have completed this course you will receive a completion certificate in acknowledgement of your engagement with the course material. This course has the fee of £75.00 but with our 50% Summer Sale you can by this course for £37.00


It may benefit learners to acquire a copy of the book 'How to Read the Bible: ... so that it makes a difference' by the course leader Mike Parsons (BRF, 2020) for this course. Mike offers further reading as part of the course which may be of interest to learners.

Course Staff

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Mike Parsons

Mike has in recent times been the Commissioning Editor for BRF, and before that taught Systematic Theology in Murdoch University and Vose Seminary, Perth, Western Australia. He brings a huge wealth of expertise and experience to the course, and is keen to get people reading the Bible creatively. His recent book ‘How to Read the Bible: ... so that it makes a difference’ was published in January 2020 by BRF, and forms the basis of this Creative Bible Reading course.
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Ian White

Ian is Senior Tutor and the Programme Leader for the Short Course programme at Cliff College. He co-ordinates the non-validated training provision on site, including day, mid week and weekend events, as well as a series of Cliff Retreat weekends, week long Cliff College Certificates and longer Cliff College Diplomas. He also heads up the Cliff Summer & Autumn School programme and co-ordinates the Methodist Worship: Leading and Preaching (WLP) training at Cliff.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to complete this course all at once?

This is a self-paced course. You may choose to do this all at once over a couple of days, or take a session a day. However it works best for you and fits around your life commitments. We suggest you aim to complete the course within 6 weeks. Maybe you could invite others and study together? Why not invite them to join up?

I've got questions about the course who can I talk to?

You can contact our Short Course Administrator on
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  • Category: Short Courses
  • Type: Self-paced
  • Start Date: Oct 08, 2020
  • End Date: Aug 31, 2022
  • Duration: 99 Weeks
  • Price: 37.00 GBP
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