Old Testament Exegesis

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This unit is part of the BA (Hons) Theology and Mission programme. This is a 10 credit unit. Teaching will take place in semester 1.


Students will have needed to successfully progress from level 4 of the BA Theology and Mission programme.

Course Staff

Dr Sandra BrowerSandra Brower

Sandra Brower was Programme Lead for BA Theology and Ministry in 20/21 academic year
Dr Kirsi Cobb

Kirsi Cobb

Kirsi’s main research interests are women’s studies and biblical interpretation, especially in the Old Testament. Her recent research projects center upon reading troubling and violent passages in the Hebrew Bible such as Hosea 2 and Miriam’s Song in Exodus 15:21, using lenses of trauma theory, autoethnography, revenge and abuse. Her research seeks to find ways to better understand such disturbing themes in the Bible and read women’s stories in more empowering ways.
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