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PhD September Week 2020

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The teaching weeks for the PhD are the same whether you are in first, second or third year of your programme.

More information about this week's programme will be provided shortly.


You will be enrolled in this course if you are registered as a PhD or PhD Missiology Student.

Course Staff

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Dr. Ben Pugh

Ben has developed a passion for the inter-disciplinary study of theology and his teaching includes New Testament, Pentecostalism, theology and the arts, philosophy and discipleship. His current research interests are in the interdisciplinary study of the atonement and in the study of the Holy Spirit. He is the co-founder and director here at Cliff of the Samuel Chadwick Centre, which is a research centre focusing on the work of the Spirit in the mission of the Church.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've got queries about the Programme, who do I contact?

Contact Helen Phipps the postgrad administrator:

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