Study Skills: Editing your work

In this Study Skills session provided by Sandra Brower we'll look at editing your work.

This session provides you with a recorded teaching video with accompanying set of presentation slides. You'll also find spaces to make notes of your observations of your own work to help reflect on your experience and practice of editing your work. You'll need a piece of your own work to review during this course, please go ahead and find something that you've previously written ideally something that was using the 'standard essay' or 'reflective essay' marking criteria. It will be even better if you've had it marked on Turnitin already.

You can enrol yourself and start learning at any time so go ahead when you're ready.

To enrol in the course click the 'enrol' button on this page and then go to your 'dashboard' to begin the course.

Course Information
  • Category: Study Skills
  • Type: Instructor-paced
  • Start Date: Feb 26, 2024
Course Instructor