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There are three types of engagement with CliffX. 

  1. As a validated programme student – Cliff College administrators will create your account for your using your student email address.
  2. As a short course student coming to an onsite course – the Cliff College administrators will enrol you in the relevant course ahead of the teaching block. They will use the email address you’ve provided at the point of booking. If you’ve already got an account with this email address, the new course will appear at the top of your dashboard list. If this new course is your first encounter with CliffX, you will be sent an email notifying you of your enrolment into the course and inviting you to register your account.
  3. As a learner taking a CliffX online course. You will create your own account using your personal email address. Once created, you will need to activate it via the activation email sent shortly after you created it. Please check your junk inbox if it doesn’t appear in your main inbox.

Usernames have to be unique as they can be used for enrolment purposes. Therefore there can only be 1 “John”, 1 “Mary” and 1 “Timothy” for example, you may need to include your surname or numbers to differentiate you.

Usernames cannot use spaces so you may need to use a dash (-) or underscore (_) rather instead of a space.

Once your CliffX account has been created an email from will be sent to the email address used to set up your account. In that email there will be a button to click hyperlinking you to activate your account. Click the button. A green banner will display confirming you’ve activated your account.

Accounts on CliffX may be created in three ways depending on how you are engaging with Cliff College.

  1. If you are a Cliff College validated student (meaning you are part of the BA, MA or PhD programmes) you will be given a student email address for use during your time at Cliff College. Your CliffX account will be created using this student email address.
  2. If you are a short course student coming to an onsite teaching block, the programme administrator will enrol you in the relevant course and you will use your personal email address to log in to CliffX.
  3. If you are taking a CliffX online course you will use your personal email address. You register your account as you pay online for the course. You may take multiple CliffX courses so use the same email address each time and all your courses will display on your dashboard.

If you’re account is locked due to multiple failed attempts, wait about 10 minutes before trying again.

Take care to check you are inputting the correct email address and password when signing in.

The easiest thing to do is clear your cache. If you do an internet search for “how do I clear my cache”, the results will tell you the steps relevant to your browser.

On the sign in page, under the textbox for ‘password’ there is a hyperlink saying “Need help signing in?” Click this.

Enter the email address you need the password resetting for.

Click the ‘Recover my password’ button.

Go to your email inbox.

Find the email from and click the ‘Change my Password’ button.

On the webpage that opened from the hyperlink, set a new password and confirm it.

You will then need to sign in again.

Please ensure you’ve typed your email address correctly.

Please check your junk inbox, some antivirus software likes to filter the emails from CliffX.

Please check again in an hour, it may have been delayed from the system.

Contact providing the team with as much detail as you can about the steps you’ve taken.

The common reasons for this are

  1. You haven’t paid for and enrolled in any courses yet.
  2. The courses set as ‘invitation only’ require admin members to enrol you behind the scenes, they may not have enrolled you yet.
  3.  You’re on CliffX and not TheologyX. Please check the website URL. 

In your Account settings you can amend your ‘Full Name’ in the text box. The name saved here will display on your CliffX certificates.

CliffX works will all up-to-date browsers.

Please check to see if your issue is listed above before contacting us.

If you do need technical support please provide us with as much detail as possible, include your name, username/email address associated with your CliffX account, details of the issue you’re facing, the course URL that it’s related to and wherever possible screenshots of what you’re encountering.

CliffX Technical Support: Kathryn Middleton


General IT Support: Daniel McCurdy-Hunt and Matt Hartley


If your questions are Programme specific and you need to talk to the Programme Administrators you can do this via the following email addresses:

Post graduate programmes (PhD & MA): Helen Phipps


Undergraduate programmes (BATM, BAMM & BThM): Cathi Thacker


Short Course programmes: Michelle Foulkes