Study Skills: Reading for research

It's great that you want to learn more about how you can read well for responding to your assignments or generally for research. The objectives of this study skills session are as follows.
  • To hear some top tips for reading from your tutors
  • To align your choices with kinds of sources
  • To familiarise yourself with good note-taking habits
  • To recognise appropriate paraphrasing
  • To differentiate different levels of reading (towards increasing efficiency)
  • To practice your skills
Sandra Brower will take you through the session via a recorded session with resources and practice spaces available for you to complete the work online. While we launched this course on 1st March 2024, it is available to you to enrol and begin any time. Simply click the green 'Enroll' button to add the course to your dashboard. We would encourage you to allow 2 hours for this session, though as it is self-paced it does not need to be completed in one go. Return to it as often as you require and enjoy the process of learning to read for research.
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