Dr Ed Mackenzie

BA Theology & Ministry programme lead, Lecturer in Biblical Theology and Mission

Originally from New Zealand, Ed came to the UK to pursue a PhD in New Testament Studies. Following his doctorate, he completed a PGCE and taught in secondary schools before working in a variety of different roles, including as an Associate Church Leader in a Fresh Expression Anglican church, a college lecturer, and an Evangelism, Spirituality and Discipleship Officer for the Methodist Church.

Prior to joining the Cliff faculty in April 2020, Ed worked as a Discipleship Development Officer for the Methodist Church (2013-2020), a role that involved developing resources to help Christians grow in their faith. During that time, he also taught at Cliff as an Associate Lecturer.

Ed has a number of different research interests, including Pauline theology, Biblical Theology and Mission, catechesis and faith formation, families and faith, and exploring the connections between Biblical Studies and Practical Theology. Ed also co-hosts the Together with God podcast (www.togetherwithGod.org.uk/podcasts), which explores issues of faith, family and church in today’s world.

Courses taught by Dr Ed Mackenzie

Study Skills: Exegesis


The Exegesis Study Skills unit is designed to help you develop the skills to analyse biblical texts in context. Accompanying the Cliff College Exegesis Guide, the unit covers nine key steps to take in exegesis and includes activities to help . . .

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  • Oct 19, 2023
  • L1023
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