Study Skills: Exegesis

The Exegesis Study Skills unit is designed to help you develop the skills to analyse biblical texts in context. Accompanying the Cliff College Exegesis Guide, the unit covers nine key steps to take in exegesis and includes activities to help you practise some exegetical skills.

Exegesis is important because there is a huge historical (and cultural) gap between the writing of the biblical texts and our reading of them today. It is exegesis which can help us cross that gap to recover the meaning of the text. Only when we understand the text within its original context can we begin to relate it to other biblical teachings and explore how it might apply to us today.

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Course Information
  • Category: Study Skills
  • Type: Instructor-paced
  • Start Date: Oct 19, 2023
Course Instructor
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    Dr Ed Mackenzie BA Theology & Ministry programme lead, Lecturer in Biblical Theology and Mission